MGC is a secure, cloud-based coaching software that guides prospective students to the appropriate “fit” via a strategic questioning algorithm within a proven counseling framework.

Prospective students are engaged through the system with 24/7 access, customized features, ability to connect with a live admissions representative when ready, submit an application, upload required documents, or complete a Career Action Plan. The journey is modeled after the proven EnrollMatch® System with embedded compliance components. Management dashboards allow admissions personnel to view and communicate with prospective students before they even inquire! 

“Is MGC right for my school?” Consider these key points:

  • Provides 24/7 coaching services for prospective students as an extension of your admissions office
  • Identifies and engages prospects with custom (and compliant) information and resources before they even inquire
  • Provides a proven method to coach prospective students in uncovering meaningful insights and problem-solving to determine fit and positively impact retention
  • Maximizes resources by working in partnership with your admissions team to increase "shows" and enrollments
  • Allows for customization of color scheme, logo, resources and college/program information to compliment your process and branding.
  • Immediate and easy set up with a safe, cloud-based solution – No hardware!
  • Improves adherence to compliance standards
  • Creates a seamless coaching process from admissions through graduation



  • Increase Referrals
  • Value Alignment
  • Social Media “Shout Outs”
  • Engage Entire Campus


  • Improve Fit
  • Impact Retention
  • Reengage
  • Self-Service or Admissions Aided


  • 24/7 Access
  • Service over Selling
  • On Demand
  • Custom Information


  • Point of Difference
  • Build Trust & Brand
  • Engage at any Stage of the Buying Cycle

24-7 access is just the beginning

MGC is a 24/7 admissions representative that:

  • Allows your team to focus on the most qualified inquiries
  • Handles increased volume based on seasonality
  • Increases show rates and enrollments

Gives you the ability to engage with prospective students in new and meaningful ways to match how the student wants to experience college admissions

  • Work old inquiries that didn’t convert
  • Speed up decision-making

Provides ease of integration with your admissions process by sending data directly to you

Generates management reports to see where prospects are in the buying cycle AND stage of the admissions process

Positions your institution as a leader by providing this service to your students

  • Creates a real point of difference! 
  • Permits prospects to experience your brand on their terms

Goes beyond “selling” students – and helps them make their best decision with proven counseling/coaching approach – which ultimately improves retention.

  • Takes the information gathered during the admissions process and shares it with academics and student services to improve retention

Utilizes a proven ground-based admissions system and automates it

Is based on proven counseling techniques and is the FIRST and ONLY admissions approach endorsed by legal counsel for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards.


Cost Savings

How long has it been since you really studied acquisition cost? It's not just about advertising and marketing expense. It’s all the staffing, salaries, benefits, and space required to make thousands of dials to speak with only a handful of prospects.

Now you can save money by having a virtual representative work with your team that doesn’t require insurance, space or even a salary!

Improved Conversion Performance

Many prospective students won’t respond to phone calls so a large % of the market is lost. Even if using text messaging, those prospects who set appointments to visit the campus don’t show at acceptable rates.

A typical sample funnel of 100 qualified inquires tends to result in 55 people that an admissions professional can even contact. Of those 55, only about 60% will set an appointment and we all know that just because they set an appointment, doesn’t mean they will actually show up. In fact, if 15 people out of the original 100 show up – it’s a good day. Or is it?

What this math shows is that 75% - 85% of qualified inquires are LOST before they even step foot on campus!

  • With MGC you can encourage your inquiries to begin the admissions process on their terms and at the time of day that works best for them. Spur their interest and let them explore on their own – while you as an administrator know exactly where the prospect is in the process to prioritize follow up.
  • With MGC you now have the ability to reach those who won't answer the phone, respond to text messages or come on campus.

What MGC Solves

The current admissions system/process at many colleges, career colleges and universities is broken. The admission processes simply do not align with how students want to experience college search. Problems with the current situation at most institutions include:

  • An increase in “stealth apps” – with over 50% of transfer students never requesting information and showing up simply as an applicant – without an inquiry source
  • Prospective students are used to getting information NOW and customized to HOW they want it. The concept of requesting information is “old school” for the generation researching college options
  • Decreased conversion metrics at for-profit schools with only 5-7% of qualified inquiries enrolling
  • Compliance issues with admission personnel not divulging full information, misleading students or inflating outcomes
  • Students don’t trust and feel sold by the current admission approach
  • Most admission professionals do not have training on actual counseling/coaching methods

Meanwhile the trends indicate:

  • Technology is central to how students research and make purchasing decisions
  • Today’s students require 24/7 access. They have become accustomed to on-demand research, shopping, and purchasing and expect the same of their quest for higher education
  • Competition for students has increased and yet there is little point of difference amongst institutions in the marketplace
  • Limited resources for prospective students (high school or adults who have been out for awhile) to get assistance to guide their program/school selection

Our Story

Perhaps you’ve heard about us from our years of speaking and writing about the future of college admissions. With nearly 40 years combined working behind the desk at colleges and universities, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve presented to high school students in crowded auditoriums and at college fairs; we’ve met with their parents and spouses; we’ve also stressed over meeting enrollment goals start after start and year after year.

For the past 13 years, we’ve been on the consulting side of the desk. This has allowed us to focus on our passion and help colleges and universities across the country secure more enrollments.

MyGuidance Coach™ (MGC) actually began as an idea in 2004 when Dr. Jean Norris realized the traditional admission approach showed diminishing returns. Not only were compliance demands increasing but the buying cycle of students was changing. Technology was playing an increasingly important role in how students researched schools and colleges as well as how they wanted to engage on their own terms. Through the years, schools and colleges struggled to make their once proven systems work in this new world. The results were dismal. The government launched one of the most devastating attacks on the private, for-profit college industry while community colleges struggled to meet the needs of a changing consumer. Traditional colleges and universities also saw students as a consumer who began to question the value of a college degree. These were hard times.

To support the admissions profession and meet the needs of today’s student, MGC was born as a win/win solution. Technology may be the preference for some prospective students and yet others still prefer the good old fashioned face to face or voice to voice conversation. MGC is designed for ultimate flexibility by working seamlessly with admission professionals to move the student towards their goal. Whether you work in the private or public sector, one goal seems to be constant. Today’s student’s require new approaches to help them select the right college or university and admission professionals deserve innovative solutions to support their efforts. Welcome to MGC!

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